Promote Clickbank Products for Free

promote clickbank products for free

Do you want to make money on Clickbank but don’t have any startup capital? Clickbank is a great way to start earning money with affiliate marketing, but most likely when first starting out, you don’t have the money for web hosting or a domain. Don’t worry, it’s entirely possible to promote Clickbank products for free and still actually earn income. In this guide, I will teach you proven methods that will get you Clickbank sales long after you have put in the work to promote your affiliate links.

1. Sign Up For ClickBank

First, go to and register for a new account. Once completing your profile you will be able to access thousands of affiliates and the products they are marketing.

2. Sign Up For an Affiliate Program

Once you have created your profile, go to the affiliates page to view available affiliate programs. Be sure to thoroughly review each potential affiliate program. What you are looking for is a 50% plus commission and lots of options for affiliate promotion such as banner ads (even though we won’t be using them for this method). Contrary to popular belief, it is actually not a good idea to pick a vender with the highest “Gravity”. High Gravity on Clickbank means that there have been a lot of sales through affiliates, but this also means that there is a lot of competition. What you should do is pick an affiliate program that has a Gravity rating of 40-90. It would be wise to start with just one affiliate program at first in order to sharpen your marketing strategy. This will allow you to A/B test different marketing methods. After signing up for an affiliate program, go to their HopLink generator page and copy the link you receive.

3. Shorten your HopLinks

Many HopLinks can be long and viewed as cumbersome by people who would potentially click on them otherwise. One free method to increase click through rate is by using url shorteners.


Bitly is the most widely used url shortener right now and is perfect for disguising affiliate links. Go to their website and enter your affiliate link to get a randomly generated, custom url that will be ready to post instantly.


Another great and free service. It does the same thing as Bitly but also has the option to set a custom url so long as it isn’t already taken. You can set the custom url to a set of keywords or the name of the product you are marketing.

Once you do this you are ready to start posting you’re affiliate links.

4. Post Your Shortened Affiliate Link Around the Web

Search Google and Bing using keywords that apply to the product that you are trying to market. Look for websites in your niche that allow posting. Good examples would be blogs and forums. Most blogs will require you to provide an email address before posting. It’s a good idea to not use your personal inbox for posting affiliate links. A way around this is to register for a new email account specifically for the purpose of marketing your HopLinks. You can create a new standard email account from Gmail ect. OR, you could create a throwaway inbox with GetNada provides free temporary inboxes that are perfect for our marketing methods. You can stick with the randomly generated inboxes or you can choose a unique email address so long as it’s not already taken. Additionally, you have the option to choose an inbox without the domain. This is good practice because some websites have emails blacklisted and won’t allow you to sign up with them. You can even get an inbox link for you GetNada email address to access the inbox later.


Write a comment that adds value to the blog or forum you are posting on. Don’t just spam your HopLink with no explanation. A good example of a valuable comment would be, “Hey, great article! Have you heard about “X’?”. Then post your HopLink.

5. Rinse and Repeat

The more you do this the more likely people are going to click on your HopLink. The more people who click means the more potential sales you will make. Remember to A/B test when you are posting on blogs and forums. If one type of comment is generating more sales than another, find a way to post a similarly worded comment on other sites in the same niche.

By implementing this method properly, you will be well on your way to start earning on Clickbank without spending any money. For more tips on how to promote Clickbank products, download this Free Clickbank Secrets Ebook.

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