Make Money Online Taking Paid Surveys

Make money from home taking paid online surveys

If you are looking for an easy way to make money during your downtime, taking online surveys can be a great start. This online money making method will by no means make you rich, but if you have some spare time, it could be worth your while. Taking paid online surveys may prove to be a better use of your free time than surfing the web or playing video games.

How much can you earn taking surveys?

The amount of money you can make off of paid online surveys varies. You will most likely be making roughly $0.50 to $2.00 per hour depending on the survey site, survey type and how many you complete in a given amount of time. Also, different survey sites have different opportunities and payouts.

Top 5 Paid Online Survey Sites


A very popular paid survey site. It boasts a wide array of payment options in its rewards marketplace. Payouts include Paypal payments, gift-cards and sweepstakes.

Opinion Outpost

High payouts and simple, user friendly interface. Their points system averages out to $0.10 per point.

Survey Junkie

Another aggregator with a simple user friendly interface. They also have high payouts.


This aggregator is know for its effective screening process. Friendly Customer support and decent payouts.


Lets users pick the topics of their surveys and has relatively high payouts.

Things To Avoid

Beware of scams. There are many surveys out there that are fraudulent and/or may collect data that is too personal. As a general rule, don’t give out information such as your Social Security Number or any information you feel is too personal. It would be wise to have anti-malware software on your device before taking these surveys as some third parties are not always reputable. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have an email address that you use only for survey taking purposes so you don’t clutter your personal inbox.

With that being said there is still plenty of opportunity to easily and safely make money taking paid surveys. If survey taking isn’t for you, don’t worry. There are a lot of other methods for making money online.

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